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Huguenot Flatwater - James River Park System


The James River Parks System is a 550-acre tract of heavily forested land that straddles the James River. It is one of the city's most popular recreational sites and is part of the city's reputation as "the River city." The park's Huguenot Flat Water posting is a popular spot for canoeing and kayaking, and offers two miles of flat water paddling. It is located at 8600 Southampton Rd, Richmond, VA 23235. More Here.

The James River is the centerpiece of the Richmond area, and with its abundant recreational opportunities it's no wonder that the river is growing in popularity. Increasing numbers of residents and visitors are discovering the river's scenic beauty and historic significance. This growth has led to a number of projects that improve river accessibility.

The James River Park System includes miles of hiking trails. You'll find both paved and dirt trails. You'll also find off-road sections and rock-climbing opportunities. This park also has plenty of sun-drenched areas for relaxing. Whether you're a novice or an experienced kayaker, you'll find a lot to enjoy at Huguenot Flatwater.

Three new park access sites are planned in the James River region. One site is in Chesterfield County, while another is in Henrico County. The City of Richmond has proposed a new park on its eastern shoreline. The proposed parks cover an area of 20 to 100 acres.

The James River flood wall walk extends eastward to Libby Hill and Ancarrow's Landing. Its goal is to establish a continuous public access to the James River. The Flood Wall Walk will connect the James River with the Kanawha Canal, Lee Bridge, and Maymont Park.

The Huguenot Flatwater James River Park System includes Riverside Meadow and Pony Pasture. These areas may be connected by a packed gravel pathway. The City will obtain easements from private property owners to create the path. Once it is completed, the pathway will be maintained as part of the James River Park System.

The Huguenot Flatwater James River Park System was created in 1984 when the City of Richmond purchased fourteen acres east of Maymont. It is one of the only places in the city with completely calm water for kayaking and canoeing. The eastern end of the park is home to Ancarrows Landing, where motor boats can access the river. The land at Ancarrows was once home to the first building in Richmond, Williams Byrd's Trading Post.

The Huguenot Flatwater James River Park System is a major destination for kayaking in Richmond and throughout the surrounding area. A new public boat landing is planned for the area. Currently, the park's Deep Bottom Boat Landing is a popular spot. Additionally, the park will soon include a new boat ramp near the Curles Neck Swamp across the river from the Presquile National Wildlife Refuge. Browse Next.

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