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When to repair roof shingles


Repairing damaged roof shingles is a simple process involving a pry bar, a utility knife and 11/4-inch roofing nails. The first row of nails holds each shingle in place. Then the next row passes through the shingles below it. To remove the damaged shingle, pry up the first row of nails and remove it. Learn More

In New York, extreme weather conditions can cause shingles to loosen and crack. These conditions also affect the rubber gaskets around chimneys and vent pipes. The resulting moisture damages the shingles and can lead to algae and moss growth. This can lead to leaks in a home's interior. Fortunately, most roofing contractors offer a free inspection of your roof to determine if any damage has occurred.

To determine whether you should repair your roof, inspect the top part of your roof after a storm. Check for any missing shingles. If you find any, repair them before they become a problem for your roof. Often, this is a simple process. Once the damaged shingles have been removed, cover the roof with tarps and other materials. This will prevent leaks and damage to your roof structure.

If the damage is small and not too severe, you can replace the shingle. If the shingle is not too cracked, you can caulk it with a caulking gun and let it dry for at least 24 hours. A new shingle will not completely fill the gap, but it will be close. Then, you can use roofing cement to seal the gap. Then, weigh down the shingle to allow the new shingle to dry.

Broken shingles are unsightly and a leak waiting to happen. Fortunately, repair is easy when you find matching shingles. Moreover, you do not need to spend a lot of money if you have leftover shingles from previous roof work. However, if you cannot find matching shingles for the job, you can purchase bundles of shingles for $15 to $20 per square foot at a home center or lumberyard.

Repairing damaged shingles can extend the life of your roof by years. However, ignoring the problem will accelerate the need for a replacement. Generally, architectural shingle roofs last for 30 years if cared for properly. However, the lifespan of a roof varies based on the climate and weather conditions in your area.

It is important to avoid replacing shingles during winter months. The shingles can easily become brittle and crack, so working on them during the winter can make the process difficult. If you are doing the repair yourself, it might be best to wait until spring or autumn. A warm, dry day is ideal for repairing shingles. A cold, icy day will make the process difficult and can even lead to additional damage.

The best time to repair roof shingles is a warm afternoon. Avoid rain and morning dew because these two conditions can cause damage. Also, avoid doing roof repairs on a roof that is more than 20 years old. It is also important to consider the age and pitch of the roof. Usually, a roof with a shallow pitch will be easier to repair than one with a steep pitch.

Broken shingles are the most common cause of roof leaks. In addition, cracking flashing or unsealed valleys are also common causes. When repairing roof shingles, it's important to check for any underlying damage. If you notice black streaks on the roof, they're caused by hardy algae feeding on the limestone in the shingles.

Asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive and durable. However, over time, they can develop a variety of problems and require repairs. Depending on the extent of damage, it can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars. If you're planning on getting new shingles, be sure to start early. It will give you time to buy and order materials. Read more

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